Aegir's mapping team is ready to map your venues, no matter what industry or special function your facility or facilities may have. Whether you have one or two properties or thousands, we are equipped to help. Here are some questions you may have as you embark on your mapping undertaking:

Q: What type of map assets do I need to have to get my venues mapped by Aegir? 

A: We can work from any type of map assets you may have in order to produce your map data, from CAD files to exit maps, but it's important to understand that the higher fidelity the source file is, the higher fidelity our final Venue Map Data will be.

Q: I'm not sure where I might have this type of data. Can you help?

A: Keep in mind that you may have external vendors (telecom, signage vendors, etc.) who have information you can use for this purpose. You may also be able to hire a 3rd party to make maps of your property with laser or other high-fidelity measuring hardware.

Q: Who needs to be involved from our company in a mapping effort? 

A: You will want to involve knowledgeable staff who work at or are otherwise intimately familiar with your venues in the approval process for your maps.

Q: How is all this work coordinated?

A: Our VMMS portal and Mapping Support and Production teams will manage and make easy the entire process for you from setting up your account, adding your venues, onboarding your staff, collection of map assets, to approvals with your staff on the ground, to final production of the VMD files.

Q: We have thousands of properties and staff. How will you work with us?

A: We recognize that for large enterprises there are special considerations.  Building SSO to Aegir's VMMS portal may be necessary to facilitate onboarding of large numbers of personnel, and to make things easier on your staff. We'll work with you to determine requirements for the integration, and what user data is required to connect users with venues. We can provide training and support for your teams, and consulting on internal marketing and evangelism efforts to prepare your teams as well. 

Q: How do we get our maps when they are done?

A: You may download the VMD archive when complete from the VMMS portal, or you may use our distribution service via AWS. Making the maps work in an application includes not only the Aegir VMD archive, but also thousands of "map tiles." These map tiles are small files that are stitched together by the Aegir VMSDK within an application to display the map on a mobile device or in a web browser at various zoom levels as the user moves the map around and zooms in and out. These are necessarily going to need to be hosted. Larger enterprises may have their own CMS or content distribution network they wish to have their maps seamlessly pushed to. We can manage and build out that integration with you as well. 

Q: We do not want our maps available for public use. Is that a problem?

A: Your maps are your maps. We do not share or integrate your map data with any map provider or any third party unless you request it.

If you need to get your maps produced for use in applications, you can contact