To Request a Revision

  1. When logged in to VMMS, locate the venue that you wish to revise in the list under Alerts & Quick Actions.
  2. Click the Request a Revision Link under Action.
  3. If you have documents to attach, click the Select and Upload a File button to upload any files relevant to your revision request.
    (Note: Providing clear and complete visual instructions for your revision will help our team make your changes quickly.)
  4. Write in any additional notes or comments in the Revision Request Information field.
  5. Hit Send when you are sure all files are uploaded and all comments have been typed.

What's next?

Once your revision request has been approved by your organization's Account Manager, our user support and production team will work with you to make the changes you requested quickly and accurately. This may involve sending a new version to you for review and approval through the portal or via email.  Note that your organization may have strict guidelines regarding verbiage and other details that can be added to your venue map.