Our Aegir mapping team has created a venue map proof for you to review, but we have some questions regarding certain elements at your venue.  Please log into VMMS and locate your venue, click on your venue code or venue name, and review the section labeled Here's what we need from you:.

You can upload digital files instantly to VMMS. Physical documents will result in slower map production, but if necessary, you can also fax or mail physical documents to us.  Our fax number and mailing address are provided on your venue detail page. 

Next, indicate what requested information you are providing.  If you wish, click Select and upload a file to upload any files you may have to support your response, and indicate if you will upload, fax, or mail your files. Under What requested information are you providing?, click the info that you are providing, and optionally, add any other information you feel may be helpful to the Aegir mapping team.

Finally, click Send Your Information.